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We are a nongovernmental organization dedicated to the development and advancement of children and adults in the Autistic Spectrum and Related Developmental Disorders. 

Our work and dedication to this mission was, and continues to be, inspired by all the beautiful children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related developmental disorders.  We strive to serve and offer the best and more actualized ways of helping our clients to achieve their maximum potential. 

Most importantly, our work begins with a most sincere and loving effort to connect with the whole person in front of us. We are a dedicated staff committed to the growth and fulfillment of our Children, youth, and individuals in the spectrum.


Our vision is to provide all the tools for a fulfilling life for each individually to thrive irrespective of the challenge and help them envision a brilliant future ahead.


To provide the highest quality of therapy for each individual and functional support (psychologists and emotional) for their families and the community at large.


To facilitate the totality of every person found with autism into self sustaining members of the society regardless of background or gender. To provide good quality education for persons with autism in order that they may fully play their role in the development of the nation. 


Respect :

We operate in the spirit of cooperation and value human dignity. We share genuine respect for the clients and the members of our exceptional team. We trust, rely on and support each other in all our actions. We foster an environment where people can contribute and excel.


We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional  behavior and ethical conduct. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, families, associates, professionals and the public.


We believe teamwork leverages our individual strengths. To maximize our collective impact, we inspire, challenge, collaborate, listen, support and guide each other to provide the very best for the clients and families we serve.


We are committed to providing one-on-one, personalized therapy for children and their families touched by behavioral, physical, social, educational,communication and sensory challenges.




Blazing Heart Autism Centre is a visionary Non- Governmental Organization established in 2009 to meet the needs of children with autism and other special needs. At Blazing Heart Autism Centre, we believe in inclusion and in facilitating the totality of every person with autism into self-sustaining members of the society, regardless of their background or gender. Since 2009, Blazing Heart Autism Centre has worked towards increasing awareness and providing quality therapy and support for autistic individuals and their families.

…Promoting Positive Change through Therapy

 We are committed to providing the highest quality therapy for children with special needs. In our drive to achieve this, over the years our organization has grown from the small shared office where we started and expanded into our standard therapy facility.  We have recruited and trained therapists and technicians, enlightened teachers, growing a team of over 30 committed personnel, well equipped with techniques and strategies that work.  Our therapists are dedicated to the children they work with, showing a personal, yet professional level of commitment and investment. This has enabled us record progress and improvements in every child.

Key Achievements

·        Since 2009, we have successfully hosted Autism Awareness campaigns and seminars reaching an over 1500  people yearly

·        We have successfully imbibed inclusion in several schools in Port Harcourt

·        We have supported over 70 children between the ages of 2 and 26 in the spectrum and helped over 17 of them back into regular education institutions in different parts of Nigeria.

·        We have solely given scholarships and rebate to clients who need our services but cannot afford it due to financial constraints and we aim to do more.

At Blazing Heart Autism Centre, we believe that success is a process. So we show up every day, providing hope and taking the little steps, a day at a time.


Beauty Kumesine has a successful track record managing behaviours of children,young adults and adults with ASD. She has successfully piloted the affairs of Blazing Heart Autism Center and with her carefully selected team of therapists and staff members, she has reached out to an innumerable number of families in her community and beyond. 

She is result oriented, a goal getter,a trail blazer,creative thinker with innovative problem solving skills. Beauty Kumesine is the founder of Blazing Heart Autism Center and has an outstanding interpersonal capacity shith strong leadership skills that build rapport with staff members,donors,clients,children and other community organizations.

She is an articulate communicator and a successful multitasker. She has been tested through different waters, trusted and proven to be a passionate enthusiast and a firm advocate for individuals with special needs and particularly those living with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related developmental disorders.

She is a graduate from the department of Human Anatomy from the prestigious University of Port Harcourt and has gone ahead to get herself certified and equipped to work with individuals on the spectrum.

Every day for Beauty is an awareness day and so she speaks in different capacities to enlighten her community on Autism Spectrum Disorders, the dangers of stigmatizing against parents who have children with autism, how to identify and also give hope and help to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


She is married and blessed with a wonderful family support system.

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