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An autism diagnosis is not a death sentence; it’s simply the beginning of an exciting new life. Yes, it comes with its challenges, but it also opens a door of limitless possibilities. It is a step towards the adventurous journey of understanding your child, discovering their unique genius and supporting them to become their possible best. While most parents dread diagnosis for fear of putting a label on their child, getting the necessary answers enables you provide the necessary support and intervention early enough.

Autism Diagnosis

An autism diagnosis covers a broad range of challenges which present differently in different children. This is why Autism is a spectrum disorder. An assessment determines the severity and functioning levels, once a diagnosis is made.

Early Identification is Important

For effective autism therapy, early identification is very important. Early identification allows you provide interventions early enough to positively impact developmental growth and stop the formation of wrong habits. Blazing Heart Autism Centre offers assessments and evaluations from the age of 2. Our assessments are designed to identify your child’s individual needs and the best learning techniques suitable for him/her. Schedule an appointment today, for any concerns about your child’s development.

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