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While art may seem like “just a fun activity for kids”, it is actually a strong therapy tool. It is a means for self-exploration, self-expression and development. Art therapy isn’t something for those with artistic talent only. It can be fun and beneficial for just anyone, regardless of the extent of their artistic skill.  Art therapy has lots of benefits, from improving communication and social skills to its calming effects which help reduce stress and anxiety.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a creative, exciting and expressive form of therapy which utilizes art to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person. Art therapy is also referred to as expressive therapy because it uses art as a means of communication allowing people explore and express their inner thoughts and emotions.

The American Art Therapy Association defines art therapy as: "an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship.”

How Does Art Therapy Help?

Art therapy can be applied to foster improvements in different areas of child development which include;

·        Communication and Self-expression.

·        Sensory-motor function

·        Cognitive development

·        Social skills 




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