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Mrs Grace


I am thankful for the services of Blazing Heart Autism Center. My little one is more compliant to instructions, he’s almost 80% potty trained at this point. He is more focused, he’s giving more eye contact, he can now be sent some errands which was IMPOSSIBLE before the therapist came to be in our home. Thankful for the opportunity and glad I met with the wonderful team at Blazing Heart Autism Center when I did.

Mrs Chinwe


Blazing Heart Autism Center is remarkably doing well. I enrolled my son Gabriel at the center a year ago and there has been a great improvement. He can obey instructions, feed himself independently, communicate unlike before. The team at Blazing Heart Autism Center is consistent and they work passionately to gain better functionality for children. I would gladly recommend the center for anyone who needs it.

Barr. and Barr. Mrs. Miesou


We stopped physical sessions with our son because of the pandemic but BHAC immediately switched to online teletherapy. We were consistent and have seen tremendous progress with him. We are patient with his progress and believe that there will be more from him. We will not stop or relent because we trust the team of therapists that have been assigned to our son. We are glad we got the right placement for him with Blazing Heart Autism Center.

Dr. Nengi Ayebaye

Medical Practitioner

I met with Beauty at an event organized by a school and she spoke passionately about individuals with ASD. I am a doctor and I know the challenges parents face with their wards who have special needs. Physical disability to a large extent is understandable but a disorder as complex as Autism is still a mystery to us all. Because of Beauty Kumesine,I have been better enlightened and I know better about empathy and i will recommend parents who are going through a hard time understanding their children or facing any challenge to speak with this Lady Mrs Beauty Kumesine. She understands the plight of parents and is open minded when it comes to working with children with Autism and related developmental disorders.

Flora Hammpson


My journey with BHAC has been an interesting one. I got my daughter's diagnosis, got into depression and shut out from everyone. Then I was introduced to BHAC by an in-law of mine whose son was assessed by BHAC's multidisciplinary team.
Finances were a challenge so I had a session for 2 months and stopped. I found out that in these 2 months of therapy, my son had gained a little bit of a milestone and as he stopped, he regressed from all he had learnt. I resumed sessions again with BHAC and I have seen remarkable changes in my son between these breaks. I am glad to be with a team that understands my son and his peculiarities.

Mrs. Direala


I am a widow with 2 boys and the both of them have special needs. I came in contact with Mrs Beauty Kumesine by chance in a hospital and got a one on one counseling session with her at her center. At that point of meeting,I had already been thrown out of my late husband's home and labelled a witch because my two sons had challenges and none were speaking.
Mrs. Beauty spoke with me and gave me hope and offered a 3years therapy scholarship for my both sons. The two boys have their sessions for free at Blazing Heart and I just pray for help and assistance for the team so that they can continue to get the best out of therapy sessions with Blazing Heart.

Engr. Mrs. Eunice


I thought it was the end of the road for me when I got my son's diagnosis. I cried and broke down with different negative emotions.
I didn't know what to do and I resorted to look for a solution to help my child seeing that he is all I've got. I went to different hospitals and then got a referral to see Blazing Heart Autism Center. I visited the center; a serene environment that caters to lovely children. I got an appointment for a physical session with the ED and she was nice, caring and understanding and I felt the connection immediately.
To cut a long story short, my son started intervention sessions with Blazing Heart Autism Center(BHAC) and the progress he has made is unbelievable. The initial challenges he had were hyperactivity and sensory overload as comorbidities to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Presently, as a team, they have been able to help him calm down with their non-invasive intervention plan and even if i know that we are not working to cure "THE AUTISM", I know that my son will get better and function better as a member of society.
I am willing to go through this process with the team at Blazing Heart Autism Center and will recommend them any day.

Thank you

Mrs. Chidi


My son is visually impaired and is getting the best care at Blazing Heart Autism Center. I trust the process and the team and am willing to assist my little boy in any way I can.

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